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taught by Chalene Bezzina
Chalene Bezzina
Chalene Bezzina

Chalene is a life coach and scientist who focuses on helping businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who are struggling with insecurities and a lack of confidence succeed in realising their potential and get their inner Wonder Woman back. She works with each client to bring out their confidence, strength, and personal power by gaining clarity around themselves, their self-belief and their values. She believes that every woman has the capacity to create abundance in their lives.

Following her childhood passion for working with animals, Chalene graduated with a Masters in Biology and has been working as a scientist ever since. The completion of her Life Coaching Certification with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has allowed Chalene to now also incorporate her love of helping people into her life.

Nowadays she is fortunate to do what brings joy to her life and so creates physical and digital products, as well as runs essential oil workshops to help women thrive by tapping into their intuition and working to find their inner spark.

Chalene is located in Sydney by the beach with her fluffy white cat and beautiful partner after growing up in both South Africa and New Zealand